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10 Secret Things you didn`t know about Christmas

Christmas is for everyone a reason of joy and a celebration of hope. We prepare for this holiday every year but there still are some things we should know about it. Here are some hidden details that you certainly didn`t know about Christmas.
1. In 1647, accoding to a law passed by the British Parliament, Christmas was unlawful. Oliver Cromwell considered that the specific holiday traditions are immoral and therefore has forbidden it. Christmas was legalized again in 1660 when Cromwell lost the power in the state.

2. The first artificial Christmas tree was made in Germany and it was made from goose feather.

3.  The first Christmas was celebrated in 350 when Pope Julius I declared December 25th as the official date of birth of Jesus Christ.

4. According to the Guinness Book, the tallest Christmas tree was 67 feet tall and was exposed in Northgate shopping center in Seattle, Washington.

5. Traditional Christmas colors are green, red and gold. Green has always been a symbol of life and rebirth, red symbolizes the Christ`s blood, and  gold the light wealth and royalty.

6. In Poland, Christmas swirls decorations are very popular, because, according to legend, a spider sewed a blanket for the baby Jesus. In fact, the Poles consider spiders as a symbol of goodness and prosperity for Christmas.

7. Theologians claim that Jesus was not born on December 25th, but somewhere in September.

8. It has been calculated that Santa should visit 822 homes per second in order to bring Christmas gifts for  all the children.

9. The first Christmas decorations were apples. These fruits are chasing people in religious poses since the Old Testament. Also,  Adam and Eve fell from heaven  because of an apple.

10. Bolivians celebrate “Rooster Mass” in Christmas Eve and bring some roosters in the church. They do this as a symbol of faith, because the cock was the first dumb that announced the Jesus birth.

10 Secret things you didn`t know about Christmas

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