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10 Strange Traditions Around The World you Never Knew Existed

Each culture has its customs and traditions which are considered normal by the locals, because they are used to them, but ridiculous to outsiders. From having your children spit in the street to hide yourself from future husband on your wedding day, I present you are some habits that will definitely surprise you.

1. In Brazil, New Year’s Day is celebrated with a bowl of lentil soup as the lentil is considered a symbol of wealth.
2. The Bahai People of Iran have their own calendar consisting of nineteen months each with nineteen days.
3. In Russia, Father Frost brings presents for the children on New Year’s Day.
4. In Thailand it’s considered very rude to cross your legs in public.
5. Shoes must always be removed before entering a Japanese home.
6. In the Yonamamo tribe from Brazil and Venezuela, the tradition forbids keeping any part of the deceased body. The body of the dead is burned. Bones are crushed and mixed with the ashes, is divided amongst the family and eaten by all.
7. Living with the Dead (Indonesia) Toraja is an ethnic group in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It used to take months for the family to raise sufficient money for funeral ceremonies of the dead. During these months, The dead body is wrapped in special garbs and kept under the family home. This tradition also believes that by keeping the deceased, the soul would be preserved until it is buried.
8. Carrying Pregnant Women over Burning Coal (China) According to Chinese traditions, it is believed that if a husband carries his pregnant wife over burning coals bare feet, the wife will have easy and successful labor. Get ready for some pain before your wife experiences labor pain.
9. In most countries, there isn`t probably something more offensive to a new mother than some strangers to spit her children, but in Greece it is a compliment. A three times spit to someone supposedly removes evil spirits and bad luck, so this practice has become in Greece usually specific for children enchantments, including baptism ceremonies at the church.
10. While most cultures mourn the loss of family members, women of the Dani tribe in Indonesia must suffer great physical pain in addition to emotional pain. When a family member dies, female relatives must cut off a segment of one of their fingers. This practice is performed to satisfy ancestral ghosts. Luckily for the Dani women, this custom is rarely practiced anymore.

10 Strange Traditions Around The World you Never Knew Existed #bizarre

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