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16 Reasons why Cuba is so Loved by Tourists although is still under Communist Regime

Cuba, and especially the capital, Havana, is among the most important tourist destinations in the Caribbean. The island, discovered by Columbus in 1492, is the largest in the region, with an area of 110,860 square kilometers and a population of 11 million inhabitants, two million of them are found only in Havana, a city full of life and always restless.
The country’s name derives from the word “cubanacam” belonging to Taino indigenous people, and means “place in center”. In this area is famous for the white sandy beaches stretched for tens kilometers and for the Cuban cigars, considered to be the best in the entire Caribbean.

A trip to Cuba is missed if you not visit Havana, then Varadero, the most important tourist resort of the country, an impressive city located in eastern area of the country.

Former Spanish colony, Cuba, received many African slaves to work on coffee plantations and sugar cane. In 1898, through the treaty of peace that concluded the Spanish-American War, Spain surrendered the sovereignty over Cuba, which proclaimed its independence in 1902. American protection over Cuba lasts until 1934, and in 1959 Batista’s dictatorial regime (established in 1952) is removed by Fidel Castro’s revolution, after three years of fighting. Relations with the US are deteriorating after the wave of nationalization initiated by the new Cuban regime. Isolated due to the US embargo, Castro transformed Cuba into a socialist country.

Paradoxically, the decades of political and economic isolation have preserved the natural charm of the country, shielding it from mass tourism, which might have destroyed this balance, keeping his colonial charm.

Cuba has it all! Epic colonial architecture, young salsa dancers, frescoes representing Che Guevara, beaches with white and fine sand, amazing fields with cane sugar – Cuba landscapes are stunning and immortal. It is an island with a unique historical heritage, floating in the middle of the ocean to overcome globalization.

Clear waters, tropical breezes, mango and guava plantations, crowded cities full of fascinating examples of Spanish colonial architecture, with major markets, classic cars, music, all combined to create a special assembly…

In such an exotic place tourists are arriving from all around the world and each year their number increases significantly. They all are enjoying the offers of this country, which is still under a communist regime.

Besides the famous cigars, this country is also known rum, very popular worldwide and for the emblematic figure of Fidel Castro.

My friends, let`s see why this country is so visited by tourists, although is still under a communist regime. Or maybe the communist regime gives the country its charm…

16 Reasons why Cuba is so Loved by Tourists although is still under Communist Regime #travel #cuba

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