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17 Unbelivably Photos Of Rice Fields. Stunning No. #15

In order to make the best of poor soil, water conservation, and mountainous terrain, terraced farming was introduced by various cultures around the world. Extremely labor intensive to build, terracing allowed the land to support civilization’s increased need for crops, livestock and poultry.

Rice terrace fields support enough rice and fish cultivation for hundreds of thousands of people. Water is saved in the hilltop forests, and channeled down to the terraces for irrigation. The rice terraces are flooded from December to March, presenting a spectacular view to travelers. These terraces are so numerous, steep, and compact, that if stretched out end to end, they would wrap halfway around the globe.

The fields that make up this area have adopted the traditional Subak irrigation system – a method that has been preserved for centuries and passed down from generation to generation. Aside from its agricultural development, this panoramic landscape has also established itself as a tourist destination.17 Unbelivably Photos Of Rice Fields. Stunning No. #15 #travel

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