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20 Photos that Prove Morocco is a Dream Destination

With its infinity sand, fortified fishermen ports, oases of greenery and Atlas Mountains who stand as guard, coast of Morocco and its rural regions offers many tourist attractions. Visit the imperial cities of Fez, Meknes and Marrakech, with their superb examples of early Islamic architecture and you will understand why Morocco is an excellent travel destination.

Moroccans are famous for their hospitality. You will meet lots of friendly people that will make your task easier on Moroccan territory. Go in Morocco on spring, when vegetation is green and abundant. However do not underestimate summer or winter, they may represent real challenges. Celebration of Ramadan is an exciting period for travel, but beware that many restaurants and cafes are closed during this day. If a local gives you a mint tea, sit down and enjoy it. Mint tea is the symbol of hospitality in this country and is rude to refuse.

It will take some time to learn a few words in Arabic. Start now with “es salaam alaykum” (“Hello”, in literary translation “peace be with you “), and” afak “(“please”). If you talk to a woman say “Afik”; if you ask a group, “afakum”and “Shukran bezzef” (“thank you very much”).

Tanger, libertine city on the coast of Gibraltar was traditionally Morocco interface with foreign travelers. The first impact. But soon the wind takes you along the Atlantic coast, to the cosmopolitan and famous Casablanca and farther to fishing towns like Asalih and Essaouira. Inside the country, the imperial cities of Marrakech, Fez and Meknes are, for decades, a magnet for millions of visitors. Ancient, narrow streets hide magical surprises in each corner. That is why Fez is called the maze city. A little farther from the urban pace, you will find the famous ancient Roman ruins of Vloubilis and valleys that will grab your attention and heart completely.

Here are some magical scenes with Marocco that will definitely amaze you. Isn`t it a dream destination?

20 Photos that Prove Morocco is a Dream Destination #Morocco #Travel

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