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21 Magnificent Photos That Will Place China On Your Bucket List

The oldest civilization in the world, China has many historical attractions to offer, such as the famous Forbidden City, Great Wall and Terracotta Army. In recent years, China has developed a fast modernization process, while the Communist Party decentralized decision-making in economic area and focused on foreign trades. The ambitious city Shanghai, and other cities in China, are a living proof of this country transformation process.

The number of tourists coming to China has greatly increased, mostly due to the expansion of business opportunities and cultural exchanges. A large number of companies have moved their production chains in China, so there appeared many banks and top franchises. Meanwhile, China is becoming more popular as a tourist destination, with its ancient cities, historical sites and delicious food that satisfies even the most sophisticated tastes.

Among the many monuments of China,Terracotta Army in the tomb of the first Chinese emperor Qingsihuan and is considered the 8th wonder of the world. Every year, over one million tourists visit Terracotta Army Museum. The murals from the Dunhuang Mogao Caves are popular worldwide as a treasure of world art. Great Wall of China is a giant tourist attraction that everyone wants to visit. History, culture, habits and customs of the 56 different ethnic groups in China have also a great attraction for the tourists. Let`s see some of the wonders of the world, localized in China.

21 Magnificent Photos That Will Place China On Your Bucket List

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