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25 Gorgeous Pictures Of Greece That Will Take Your Breath Away

Greece is the cradle of European civilization – a cliché that express a truth that deserves to be rediscovered at every opportunity. Athens, Corinth and Sparta are not just myths, but great cities which have achieved supremacy in 700 BC. Athens became in the fifth century BC a cultural and artistic center of the Mediterranean, who left behind magnificent works of architecture, sculpture, drama and literature. Today,  in Greece the monasteries belong to the rocks where they have been built, three-hour siesta is law and dancing on the tables is a real ceremonial.

The landscapes of Greece consists of mountains, paradisiacal islands, emerald olive groves and golden sandy beaches contrasting with the blue Aegean Sea. Picturesque isolated villages, islands with jasmine smell and greatness of ruins offer a variety that will satisfy even the the most demanding travelers. As a place where playwright, democracy and western philosophy  ware born, Greece has a wealth of historical sites. Most impressive is the Acropolis of Athens. Perfect Columns of the Parthenon gain the admiration and respect of the visitors, like hundreds of years ago. A trip to the Peloponnese will transport you into the world of animals, satyrs and veiled gods. Take a ride on the Olympic Stadium, visit the tomb of Agamemnon of Mycenae and watch a play in the amphitheater of Epidaurus classic. Other archaeological sites include the Oracle of Delphi, Temple of Apollo, the reconstruction of the Minoan palace in  Knosos and Akrotiri city from Santorini.

Greek islands are traditionally a paradise for those who love the sun and the coastline. At the Aegean Sea, Santorini`s black sand absorbs all the heat of the sun and keeps it until long after sunset. Here you can swim in the underwater caves and enjoy the sun from the long beaches. Corfu is surrounded on all sides by fabulous beaches and in the island of Naxos you can practice various water sports.

Now let`s see 25 gorgeous photos of this amazing country that will take your breath away. Travel to Greece in 2016!

25 Gorgeous Pictures Of Greece That Will Take Your Breath Away #TRAVEL #GREECE


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