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32 Stupendous Places in Portugal every Travel Lover should Visit

Portugal is a travel destination that should not to be missed. The capital, Lisbon, is perhaps the most charming and affordable city in Europe, with fantastic architecture, a diverse population, delicious seafood and lively pubs.
Sun-drenched beaches, fairytale castles, picturesque towns from Old World and islands that awaits adventurers … everything is found in Portugal. Although is not a quiet and hidden destination that was decades ago, Portugal is still a place where you can easily escape from the crowds and enjoy many places and times that will give you unforgettable memories.

If you are passionate about monuments go in Evora, Batalha and Alcobaça where old buildings are listed on the UNESCO list.

In Portugal are also many festivals and events that attract both locals and tourists. Traditional festival is an excellent opportunity for any visitor or traveler to see Portuguese popular culture and to know better the locals and their way of life. This festival joins both Catholic culture and traditions, both leading to a popular culture with a strong belief in holy miracles, luck spells, healing springs, temples, offerings, magic, culture and superstition.

Madeira is the perfect choice for generations of tourists . The biggest attraction of the island is the island’s natural resources and flora. Steep rocky walls that crumble into the sea, green forests, streams, waterfalls, volcanic shores, exotic environment make this island an unique destination. Two thirds of the area is under UNESCO protection. For those who prefer active holidays and those who want to spend their free time practicing surfing, diving, sailing, mountain biking, climbing, mountain tours, paragliding, hang gliding, Madeira is the perfect travel destination. Madeira is also a great choice for leisure and for regeneration.

Let’s make together a tour in beautiful Portulgal through some spectacular photos.

32 Stupendous Places in Portugal every Travel Lover should Visit #Portugal #Travel

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