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Absolutely Stunning 3D Optical Illusion Street Art That you must see

Hands up all those of you who drew with chalk on the pavement when you were small ! … I believe you. I believe you when you say that you loved to draw on the sidewalk in front of the house, on the alley near kindergarten or in the park, whatever comes to your mind, and that’s because all children do.

But do you think chalk drawing is just the passion of the children ?

I’m not talking about the fact that adults need sometimes to think as a child, very simple and beautiful, and certainly I`m not proposing them to take piece of colored chalk and start drawing on the asphalt. I’m talking about a huge passion that reached the stage where it becomes the main concern in an adult life , in the life of a particular adult named Julian Beever. So the question is:

Who is Julian Beever and what`s the connection between him and colored chalk? You’d be surprised to know those two are best friends since the spring of 1990, when the English artist made his first drawing on asphalt . What is amazing at his drawing is that they are three-dimensional , giving you the feeling that on the asphalt in front of or under your feet is a gap , a swimming pool or a jovial lady who tan herself in the middle of the sidewalk .

Julian BEEVER is one of the artists who use Trompe l’oeil technique, used in painting usually, consisting in misleading the viewers by creating an optical illusion, that transforms the creation into a three-dimensional one.

Use the arrows to enjoy the Absolutely Stunning 3D Optical Illusion Street Art by Julian Beever

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