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Are You An Acrophobic? These People Clearly Aren’t Afraid of Heights

Acrophobia is one of the most common phobias and is an extreme fear of heights, which can induce feelings of panic, panic attacks, nausea, and dizziness.Acrophobia can range from fear when on the top floor of a tall building, to fear of standing on a chair. People with acrophobia feel a sense of panic when they’re at a certain height and often become unable to trust their sense of balance.

Acrophobia may occur as a result of a traumatic experience from your past, or a normal fear of falling that causesinjury or death. When the fear becomes so extreme that it turns into a phobia, the unconscious mind uses acrophobia to protect the body from fearful situations.

Between 2 and 5% of the population suffer from this phobia. Here we present you some people that aren`t afraid of heights.Are You An Acrophobic? These People Clearly Aren’t Afraid of Heights. See the whole gallery on

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