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Helpful Steps to overcome Your fear of Flying

Helpful Steps to overcome your fear of Flying

Many people are afraid to fly by plane, but a few simple tips can help you overcome fear and enjoy the trip into the steel bird.

Everyone knows the classic cliche about how safe are plane trips – it is more likely to die in car accidents than in plane crash. This can relieve many, but for those who begin to tremble, cry and choke just at the thought of going up in a plane, such a cliché is not really helpful. Unfortunately for them, these people lose countless adventures, just because they cancel any trip by plane. In this article we present some simple steps to be taken in order to defeat your fear, at least until you get to the destination and touch the ground with your feet.

First, remember: it is true that the number of planes that are crashing every year is tiny compared to the number of car accidents. Some statistics say that everyday flies around 25,000 planes and all of them arrive safely at their destination. Of course, the same cannot be said about cars or other forms of public transport. Flying is really very safe.

If you need technical confirmations, check the Internet. In a careful search, you can easily find everything you need to know about how does an airplane flies, the principles of flight, people involved and the safety measures that make the aircraft to be sure. Make sure you also read about turbulence and how airplanes are designed so as to cope without breaking in two. The most dangerous thing that can happen is a passenger getting hurt because he has not fixed his seat belt. So when the flight attendant tells you to put your seat belt, you realy need to follow the instructions. Think of turbulence as a common pit pavement when driving the car. The plane will shake a few minutes, but will never fall down from the sky.

If you are afraid to fly, anounce the flight attendants at the embarkment. They know how to help passengers keep their calm and have a relaxing flight. You should not be ashamed or feel embarrassed by your fears; many people suffer from fear of flight, but not many will admit it in front of the flight attendants.

When choosing your seat in a plane, remember that if you sit at the window you will see everything happening outside and how high you are. If you stay in lane, you might think of a bus or car trip and not that you’re at 12,000 feet above the earth. Take with you all sorts of things to keep you busy during the flight. If you travel with someone, put in the bag some playing cards or a board game. If you’re single, take your magazines, MP3 player, tablet or laptop. If long flights, the simplest way you can make the time pass, is to sleep. The eye mask, horseshoe-shaped pillow for neck or a soft blanket will help you. You can take some sleeping pills and painkillers beforehand. There are alternative therapies, such as self-hypnosis, which can help you overcome your fears.

The flight is realy safer than traveling by car, and the fear of flying can be an obstacle to visit the beauties of the world. Many never manage to completely overcome their fear. But with a little preparation, research and preliminary planning, you can even to control it. Try to reach the destination without feeling like the whole trip was a nightmare.

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