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TOP 10 Worst Dictators in History

1. Adolf Hitler

Born in Austria, Hitler lead Germany into war, caused millions of deaths, brought the country to economic collapse and is considered the bloodiest dictator of all time. He is responsible for genocide against the Jews, Hitler considering them responsible for his miserable life.

Adolf Hitler wanted to attend the Art Academy in Vienna but his works were rejected. He thought that a Jewish teacher declined his request. When his mother died at the hospital, he said that the Jewish doctor could have done more to save her. Hitler consider that Jews were responsible for the Germany humiliation in World War I, especially that his country could become the largest in history if it had not been populated by Jews. During his regime, 6 million Jews were tortured and killed in Nazi concentration camps. Hitler suicide himself when Germany was occupied by Allied forces.

Adolf Hitler | TOP 10 Worst Dictators in History


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