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TOP 10 Worst Dictators in History

10. Kim Jong il

This man has forced people to worship and to consider him the embodiment of God on earth (or even God himself). Historians say North Korea’s Kim Jong Il that would be born on the country’s highest mountain, Paektu, in the middle of a double rainbow and a bright star that appeared in the sky just to signal the birth of the beloved leader.
He isolated North Korea from the rest of the world and created prisons in which all opponents of his regime were killed in terrible torments, and concentration camps in which they practiced killing using gassing and starvation. Only in the last decade, in North Korea 300,000 people died from starvation. Kim Jong il died in 2011, after a heart attack. Unfortunately for the people of his country, the power was taken by his son, Kim Jong Un, a bloody dictator like his father.

Kim Il Sung | TOP 10 Worst Dictators in History

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