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Word Air Sports Federation (FAI) and Max Polyakov Benefit from Their Union


FAI and Max Polyakov’s Noosphere began working together in 2015. Later, those two great parties decided to host the FAI European contest for Space Models and they defeated all other nations. That gathering strengthened the union between them and it led to the signing of the official union agreement between them in 2017.


A games event got hosted in mid-2017 in Poland. The main highlight of that occasion was the reveal of eNavigator, a creative scoring system suggested by Max Polyakov. eNavigator was created to make the planning of games successful and easy.


This congress got hosted in September 2017 in Switzerland. Main themes that were discussed were Security and properness of drones, Innovation of drones, and Games and drones.

The goal of this congress was to bring together people with the same ideas, which contributed to the air games to create the plan for 2018.

The conference lasted for one week and it encompassed occurrences such as:

  • FAI board gathering
  • Seminars
  • Talks
  • Award session
  • Social functions


The award session was a very interesting part of that Congress for Max Polyakov. Max got nominated as the winner of honour by the head of FAI. The Congress agreed on that initiative because of Max Polyakov’s contribution to FAI on an international scale. Such an honour is usually awarded for an extremely great support of FAI undertakings.


The perfect match between Noosphere and FAI cannot be disputed. The head of FAI even regarded the eNavigator created by Max Polyakov’s Noosphere as a very accomplished and beneficial invention. He valued the fact that the eNavigator helped them to be highly effective in controlling contest information and the outcome of the international games.

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